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Forget WEF, the shadowy federation influencing world affairs is revealed

Conspiracy theorists like to spread the idea that the World Economic Forum are controlling society by using its operatives in the form of politicians to do its bidding. They couldn’t be more wrong. There is a controlling influence but it’s not what they think.We boldly go where no investigation has gone before.

Would an organisation that was supposed to be secretly controlling the world be so obvious as to have a website, publish reports, hold meetings that everyone is aware of? With so many world leaders from different political positions and backgrounds, is it really likely that if there was some sinister agenda everyone would keep it secret? The notion is laughable and demonstrates staggering naivety. The real conspiracy is much subtler and sinister.

The Federation with its ideas of money being meaningless, lofty ideals of all species having the right to life, adherence to equity, non-interference (the prime directive) and the urge to do the right thing embodies so many socialist principles. Wrapping it up in a package of exciting adventures and space travel, it has beguiled many generations and influenced the thinking of so many.

Star Trek fans, or Trekkies as they sinisterly refer to themselves as, pervade many aspects of life. Many scientists openly admit to being influenced by Star Trek and have worked to realise many of the technologies showcased in the programmes. Automatically sliding doors are so common we barely give them a thought. Is the similarity between mobile phones and communicators a coincidence? Unlikely. The ship computer with voice recognition and a degree of intelligence isn’t far away with AI systems. Physicists are making progress on warp drives, transporter systems, holographic projectors are getting more sophisticated making the Holodeck nearer to being realised. Tractor beam technology has already been developed.

Scientists and engineers have made great progress realising Star Trek technology, but they are not the only ones. Less tangible but arguably more important is the economic, cultural and political environment to make the Federation a reality.

Culturally there are large numbers of authors, actors, comedians, film and TV producers who have sworn allegiance to the Federation. With their subtle insertion of Federation attitudes into every day popular culture they normalise acceptance of these ideas. A far from exhaustive list includes; Whoopi Goldberg, Robin Williams, Roy Orbison, Christian Slater, Mick Fleetwood, Teri Hatcher, Angelina Jolie, Simon Pegg, Tom Hanks, Iggy Pop, Rihanna, Daniel Craig and many many more. They are all around us insidiously spreading Federation values with no shame.

So what ? They are just actors and entertainers right? More worryingly there are politicians who are open about being Federation activists. These people have either used, or are using, their positions to incorporate Federation policies into government policies. Known political activists include Barack Obama, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, King Abdullah II of Jordan (appeared in a Voyager episode), Alex Salmond (former Scottish first minister), numerous Democrats (see 2020 election event), Justin Trudeau,

Subtle influences

The assertion is not that these people are agents of the Federation. What is happening that they have been influenced by what they take to be a bit of fun. Often they will be oblivious to the influence and changes that they are making to bring about the Federation.

Police surveillance

Think this is just a bit of silly hyperbole? In the UK the police have been keeping Trekkies under surveillance. In1997 the police were so concerned that they issued a report warning that Trekkies could trigger “an act of extreme violence” in Britain.

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